It is a legal document prepared in the formation and registration of a limited liability company to define its relationship with shareholders. MOA contains the fundamental conditions on which the company is allowed to work and is accessible to the public which describes the company’s name, location of its registered office, name of its members (shareholders) and the distributions of shares.

This document defines the rules for the general management of the company and responsibilities of the directors, the kind of business to be established, and the means by which the shareholders exert control over the board of directors. This document needs to be filed with the Registrar of Companies.

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Certificate of Incorporation is a legal certificate issued by Ministry of Corporate Affairs when the company is successfully registered with the Registrar of Companies (ROC).The certificate includes the name of the corporation, company registration number, date from which the company is officially registered, the address of the corporation’s registered office, legal structure of the company (public or private company; limited or unlimited; limited by guarantee or shares), issuing Registrar, the Companies Act under which the company is registered, Official seal of the Registrar of Companies.


EPFO works under Ministry of Labour & Employment in India. This is a law to provide for the institution of provident funds for employees in factories and other organization.

Residence Permit is an official document issued by the Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO) that allows a foreigner to work, study, getting medical treatment in India.

This is a special scheme launched by Indian Government for all Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) to live in India under Section 7A of the Citizenship Act, 1955. An OCI card holder grants the right to indefinitely visit, study or work in India. Person registered with OCI card acts like dual nationality except the political rights, including the right to vote or eligibility for government employment.


ITR is a summary form defining information of the income figures, details of the tax paid and related financial information of the tax payer. Tax returns must be filed every year by an individual or business that received income during the year (financial year), whether through regular income (wages), interest, capital gains or other sources.

DIN is a unique identification number given to new director of a company which is incorporated. The purpose of Director Identification Number is to keep a database of the directors of incorporated companies and complete information about the directors, so that they can be traceable. It also relates his participation in other companies, past and present.

TVF is a form in which the owner of the property who has rented his house or apartment to an expat takes the details of his tenant. This form is verified by the police department and General Diary Number is received on the Tenant Verification Form. This document is normally requested by the FRRO in case of Visa Registration & Extension.

TDS is an advance tax deducted at source. A certain percentage of tax is deducted before making payments such as salary, rent, professional fees, interest, etc. to the receiver of the payment. The receiver from whose payment tax has been deducted at source gets the credit of the amount deducted in his personal assessment on the basis of the certificate issued by the deductor. TDS Challan is a form used to deposit TDS.

It is a TDS Certificate that the employers issues to its employee as a proof of TDS deduction. Form 16 A is issued when payments are non-salary such as professional fees, rent, bank interest payments. Form 16 A consists of name, PAN and TAN no. of employer, employee details, amount paid, nature and date of payment and receipt no. of TDS payment.

This is an income tax form that is filled by an individual joining a new company in the middle of the year. Form 12BA shows the details of income earned by the individual from the previous employer. The form consists of PAN No. TAN no. of previous employer, breakup of the salary, TDS on salary deducted, deduction with respect to provident fund.

This is consolidated annual tax statement in which the details of tax related information (Tax deducted at source, tax collected at source, Refund, details of advance tax) are maintained for each taxpayer as per the database of Income Tax Department. This form is linked with your PAN Card. The user can download the statement from income tax e-filling website.

S Form is a request form which is filled by the landlord and submits to the FFRO and gets the C form for foreigner.

Form – C (Landlord)

Form C is filled out by landlord when expats are staying in their rented property. Form C basically a document that acts as a proof of address proof.

Form – C (Hotel/Guest House/Dharamshala)

Any Hotel/Guest House/Dharamshala/Individual House/University/Hospitals/Institute/other who provide accommodation to foreigners must submit the details of residing foreigners in form C to the Registration Authorities.

This will help the registration authorities in locating and tracking the Foreigners.

NOC is a No Objection Certificate issued by income tax authorities stating that all dues and taxes liabilities are cleared and income tax office has no objection to the expat travelling out of the country at the end of their assignment.

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