Comprehensive Relocation Solutions

List of Services

  1. Immigration assistance/ Visa Assistance/ Government Registrations
  2. Look see and Preview Trips
  3. Home Search Services
  4. Settling in Services
  5. Inter Cultural Orientation Workshops
  6. Helpline and Tenancy Management
  7. Departure Service

1. Immigration assistance/ Visa Assistance/ Government Registrations

S2 Solutions provides services to executives such as Visa support at origin with special focus on employment and Business visas at the Indian consulates abroad. S2 Solutions  also provides necessary assistance with all the paperwork and formalities at destination for Government registrations, residence permits and Employment/ Business visa extensions.


  • Advise the Assignee about the appropriate visas and  on the paperwork required at origin  to help make an application at the Indian embassy.
  • Assist with Government registrations and visa extensions In country.
  • Assist the Assignee in collecting the paperwork for making the necessary applications.
  • Regular monitoring and keeping the assignee fully informed of the progress

2. Look see and Preview Trips

This is a structured program wherein the family, in the process of making a decision on taking an assignment at the destination is exposed to the country and the destination city. These trips give the family an overview of the available infrastructure and housing, school and educational facilities. It also familiarizes them with social bodies and clubs, shopping and dining options, leisure and transportation facilities, and exposes them to daily living issues.


  • Area tour
  • Accompany assignee to view housing options
  • Information on/visits to schools
  • Information on activities for children
  • Information on local assignee organizations, activities for spouse/domestic partner.
  • Information on/visits to healthcare facilities
  • Information on/ visits to sports facilities
  • Information on/ visits to clubs and health clubs
  • Information on/ visits to markets and grocery shops
  • Information on recreational and entertainment options
  • Introduction to one expatriate family preferably from the same country.
  • Limited to Two days.

3. Home Search Services

S2 Solutions, through its established network of real estate agents excelling in executive housing can help assess the needs and budgets and provide expert guidance for the home selection process. We help the assignee with the search and selection of the property, lease negotiations, legal, registration and the inspection and inventory check.


  • Tour limited to pre-selected neighborhoods and residential colonies.
  • Limited to three days,
  • Appoint a real estate consultant based on the requirements of the family and the proficiency of the real estate agent to meet those requirements.
  • Accompany Assignee and family to all scheduled appointments
  • Preview all properties where possible
  • Describe major positives and negatives of each property and area.

A.  lease negotiations

  • The Consultant will attempt to negotiate favorable lease terms, explaining to the landlord that the tenant is a relocating Assignee and that the employer will typically stand behind the rental payment.
  • Where possible negotiate the Diplomatic clause into the lease allowing the Assignee to terminate the lease early if the Assignee is transferred by his or her Employer to another area
  • For the benefit of Assignee, negotiate favorable conditions.  I.e. lease term to match the needs of the Assignee and the family, pets, deposits, repairs & maintenance, extermination/cleaning etc.
  • Destination Consultant request company ‘s legal advisors to review property lease prior to signing.


  • Coordinate inspection with real estate broker/agent/estate agent
  • Destination Consultant walks through property.
  • If furnished, check inventory content and condition.  Make notes as appropriate and sign and date inventory to prove record
  • The real estate (house/apartment unit, grounds and outbuildings) – Check condition and note all obvious defects-make notes as appropriate and sign and date inventory to prove record.

4. Settling in Services

Support services like identification, purchase and installation of the right furnishings, furniture, appliances, Power backups, Air conditioners and automobile purchase and lease are available, along with arranging and connections of the utilities and advise on bank account opening, school admissions and assistance in completing all forms, and also to orient the family with the new location.


Limited to three days of support.

A. Furniture, Furnishings, Appliances, Power backups, Air conditioners

  • Purchase:  From list provided by Assignee, recommend stores and suggest typical prices for each item.  Provide addresses and telephone numbers of suitable stores. Accompany assignee if required and help negotiate and close deal.
  • Rental:  From list provided by Assignee, suggest one or more furniture rental providers (name, address, and telephone number).  Accompany assignee if required and help negotiate and close deal.

B. Utilities

  • Contact all necessary utility companies, like telephones, gas connections and mobile phone services
  • Arrange and Coordinate:
  • Connection
  • Correct billing address
  • Correct date of hook up requirement

C. Bank

  • Advise Assignee what documents are needed to open accounts.
  • Name, address and telephone number of suitable local or international banks.
  • Accompany to bank and provide assistance to complete necessary forms.

D. Insurance

  • Names addresses and telephone numbers of providers.

E.  Schooling Assistance

Provide addresses, name of principal and telephone number as appropriate of:

  • Preschool
  • Private tuition
  • Public
  • International
  • Coordinate appointments with principals and accompany as necessary.
  • Provide information on potential schools to meet child’s needs/interests (i.e. schools with concentration on athletics, academia, arts)
  • Advise assignee of required forms and paperwork etc. to meet local requirements (i.e. immunizations/certificate of residency, etc)


  •  Help assignee in identifying a potential car model suitable for the family.
  • Identify 3 or 4 reputable car dealers.
  • Accompany family to the dealers selected.
  • Provide names and telephone numbers of reputable insurance and finance agents and introduce.
  • Accompany assignee to any appropriate vehicle registration authority to complete forms and documents.

G.  Local Area Orientation

Provide overview and information on the following practical as well as cultural aspects of daily living list:

  • Post office
  • Medical facilities, including specialist doctors and nursing homes
  • Shopping facilities
  • Information on telephone connection and mobile phones networks.
  • Public transportation
  • Major highways
  • Safety guidelines
  • Local baby-sitting / nanny agencies
  • Religious institutions
  • Leisure/sports/health clubs/facilities
  • Arts (cinemas, museums, galleries)
  • Restaurants/cafes/bars/clubs
  • Local media (newspapers, radio, TV, media)
  • Local parks

H. Household Help

  • Advise on  household help, car driver, security guard, etc for the family
  • Assistance with  salaries and terms of service.
  • Advise and assist with the necessary police verifications and registrations of the household help done.

I.  Moving In assistance

  • Help in setting up the new place
  • Assistance on move in day.

5. Inter Cultural Orientation Workshops

This is a uniquely designed package that gives extensive information on the host country and is a guide to understanding local customs, culture, economy, politics, religious and social practices, recreation options and medical facilities. It is indispensable for those who are new to the country. It also carries a special feature on the destination city, connecting the expatriate family to their immediate environment and conditions in the fastest, most comprehensive way.


  • Programs designed to provide assignees with practical information on the new culture.
  • Certified trainers facilitate programs.
  • The program is trainer driven and incorporates various assessment tools.
  • Trainer is assisted by Host Country Nationals called resource, who have relevant experience in living and working in a destination city/ country.
  • Limited to one day.

6. Helpline and Tenancy Management

S2 Solutions provides support services like taking care of the utilities on a daily basis, maintenance and repair at the premises including plumbing, carpentry and electricity related support and payments of bills on a monthly basis.


  • A help line for any assistance to the Assignee and his family through out their tenure in the new location.
  • Continued Liaison with the landlord on behalf of the Company.
  • Maintenance of a help desk, to help the family on a day-to-day basis, to provide assistance with minor maintenance and repairs at their premises.
  • Assistance with payments of utility bills etc.
  • Minimum five tenancies at each location.

7. Departure Service

Before leaving for a new assignment to a new location, an assignee and the family require to take care of some formalities like, closing of bank accounts, termination of any contracts, closure of all memberships and subscriptions etc. On the personal front, they need assistance in packing and transportation of their House Hold Goods, travel arrangements and disposition of utilities and furniture not being carried with them. Other pre departure support includes, handing back of house/property to the current landlord and collection of all deposits and outstanding advances, retaking of inventory. S2 Solutions supports the assignee with all the departure activities, through it’s departure services program.


  • Inform landlord, utility companies, schools, clubs of departure plans and dates.
  • Assistance with custom clearances
  • Assistance with Exit formalities
  • Assistance with lease cancellations and return of security deposit
  • Disconnection of utilities and telephone with refund of deposit
  • Closing of bank accounts
  • Cancel all memberships, school enrollments and arrange for deposit refunds
  • Termination of the car hire agreement and deposit refunds
  • Termination of any subscriptions.
  • Official check-out of house and inventory before moving out
  • Assistance in disposing off of all household goods not being carried.

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