Delay in FRRO & Visa Extension

Delay in FRRO Registration

FRRO registration is required for every tourist in India with visas that are valid for more than 180 days or 6 months. They have to register with the FRRO within 14 days of their arrival in the country. If in case you are not able to meet this guideline, your registration will be tagged as late and you would have to pay additional fees.

The main job of the FRRO is to regulate and monitor the stay and tenure of foreigners in India. A delay in your FRRO registration means that you would have to pay the late fee of Rs 1395. But that won’t be all. You should also provide a letter excusing the delay in submitting your registration papers.

Those, along with the documents necessary with registering with the FRRO should be submitted accordingly. Such papers are your original passport and visa attached with your registration form. You should also provide for three copies of your passport on top of the original. An undertaking letter, your proof of residence, four passport-size photos will be required as well. You have to pay the registration fee of Rs 100. So if you’re late, your charges would become RS 1495.

To free yourself from all the trouble, be sure to register within the time frame allotted by the Indian government. There’s an FRRO office in Bangalore and you can bring your registration papers to them a few days after your arrival. The new office in Bangalore is located near the Indiranagar ESI Hospital in Indiranagar.

Go to FRRO office and let an officer process your papers. Go to one of the counters after securing your ticket and when your number is called. You’ll be photographed and be provided a receipt after completing all the stages of the registration process. You will then be asked to come back at a specified time to collect your registration. Note that tickets are only released from 9:30am to 1:00pm. Come early so you can get your papers before 12:30pm. If you are applying for a visa extension though, chances are you’ll get your papers on the next day.

Delay in Visa Extension

If you are in India and you need to extend your visa, you have to do so right away. Waiting for the last minute to renew is not going to give you a not so good experience. If your visa has expired and you are still in India, you won’t be allowed to leave the country unless you secure an exit visa. That alone is an entirely new process that you could have done without.

An Indian visa can be extended at least sixty days before its expiry date. Foreigners should submit all papers and documents necessary to facilitate the visa extension process. Overstaying in India is a punishable act. Aside from fees, it is possible for the person to be imprisoned for up to 5 years and then be expulsed from the country.

However, the delay in visa extension may also be condoned. But this is on a case to case basis only. Every type of visa has its own procedure for extension. The documents required are also dependent on the type of visa that the foreigner holds. To extend your visa, submit all application forms and documents required to the FRRO. You have to get an acknowledgement receipt from the counter where you left the application form.

The extension certificate is usually processed with them same day of your application. In certain instances though, the papers may be delayed for several days. To be sure that you have ample time for visa extension, submit all requirements a few weeks before your visa expiry date. That should put you on the safe side.

For foreigners who are seeking an exit permit, they have to apply and appear before the FRRO office at least 48 hours prior. Visa extension certificates have to be picked up personally from the office. Don’t expect the office to send it over to you because they never will. Have somebody else pick up your certification if you can’t personally do so.

Be sure that you have your papers underway long before your visa will expire. That will keep you from all the inconvenience as brought about by the delay in visa extension.

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