Endorsement of visa in new Passport

There are times that a foreigner in India needs to acquire a new passport. The validity of a passport expires and that is just one reason why you may need to apply for new one. Furthermore, any change on the information indicated on your passport would also force you to get a new passport. For these cases, you may need to transfer the visa endorsed on your old passport to the new one.

Both short term and long term visas can be endorsed to your new passport. You simply have to follow the guidelines and submit the documents as required by the Indian government. Long term visas are the 5-year visas. To endorse this kind of visa to your new passport, be sure to process all papers within the latter’s validity.

You also have to submit both your old and new passport to the office where your visa was issued. Only that office can handle your request for endorsement. The same process is required for holders of short-term visas. Note that your visa has to be valid for it to be endorsed from the old passport to the new one. There will be an application form for you to fill out. Accomplish that form and attach two photographs to it, along with the supporting documents required. You also have to pay the transfer fee of NIS 30.

There are instances that you won’t need to endorse your visa to your new passport. This is only true for persons holding expired passports. If your visa on your expired passport has not been cancelled, you will still be allowed to travel without transferring or endorsing your visa to your new passport provided that you carry both of them with you all the time.

Go to the agency that approved your visa for further instructions as they will also be the one tasked to endorse it for you. Get more information about this matter directly from the government office in India or through your embassy. You should also have all the documents necessary readily available to facilitate the process right away.

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