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India is a challenging place and one of the first things that you need to do is to register with the Foreigners regional registration office (FRRO) within 14 days of arrival into India on an employment visa, this means you need to visit in person along with the family members who are accompanying you.

The process on the face of it is quite simple but the task is tedious, waiting in never ending queues and then being sent back because of lack of a document about which you knew nothing about.

Here is how you can understand and deal with the process and make it simple, easy and painless…

Dear Expat in India,

What you are about to read next can be crucial to your stay in India. The starting point for a successful business or work stint here starts with the FRRO registration without which you cannot legally work in India and are ineligible to get a PAN (Permanent Account Number – Registration with the Indian Income tax authorities) card; which is necessary to open a bank account, get internet access, drivers licence and land line phone connection among other things.

All this means that not only you cannot get paid your salary (without a bank account in India) but you don’t even have access to basic amenities if you don’t have a resident permit which can only be gotten after the FRRO registration.

And getting the same can be a nightmare, you just need to talk to your fellow Expats in India or by browsing in various forums to find horror stories about folks who were not prepared for the prevalent red tape and bureaucracy in India, and they consequently wasted a lot of time and money running round in circles from one counter to the next at the FRRO office.

Did you know that if you arrived on an employment visa and have not registered yourself and your family, you can’t leave the country? Even in case of an emergency?

The good news is that it’s not all doom and gloom. With the right guidance you can bypass all the frustration and stress of this process.

And this where my team can help you. We are specialists in FRRO registration and Visa extension services and have helped hundreds of Expats like you get their work permits with the minimum of hassle and stress.

We shall assist you with the entire process from the start to finish. It starts at the origin where we ensure that visa to work in India. We shall assist with the paperwork, documentation, assist in obtaining online appointment, letter from company etc, schedule an appointment with the department, our staff will personally escort you during the process and help you complete the registration process and obtain the registration permit.

Documentation here is the key, we shall assist in preparing documentation to ensure that all relevant documents are there and organised in the order that is required by the department

Online appointment is done by us to ensure that there are no errors and it is completed faster due to our experience. Letters for the company will be as per the format that is accepted by the department, having the requisite stamps etc.

We will take care of all the minute details and this will ensure that you avoid any stress and tension to you and your family and have the whole process completed without a fuss, so that you can concentrate on your job and getting settled in your new work and living environment.

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Sandeep Sharma



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