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How to Apply for a Visa Extension in India

If you are staying in India on a work or tourist visa and you acquire the need to stay longer, you have to go through the necessary process in order to extend your stay. You need to get the permission of the Foreigner’s Division of the Ministry of Home Affairs to grant you a visa extension. Their agency is located at Man Singh Rd, New Delhi.

In normal circumstances, the extension of one’s visa is not allowed. But it can be done in extraordinary cases. Note that extensions are usually applied for 15 days prior to the expiry date. An Indian visa can be extended for up to 5 years, pending the approval of the agency.

To facilitate the extension, one need present all his original travel and residential documents such as a copy of the passport, resident permit, extended employment contract, income tax return, marriage certificate, Pan Card, and proof of address. Four passport-sized pictures should also be attacked along with the registration form.

However, please note that while visa extensions are applicable, foreigners are not allowed to change their employer. If this is the case, the employee would have to go back to his home country and reapply for a fresh Indian visa from there. The agency can only permit change of employer in very limited cases.

The 5-year visa extension can be awarded to foreigners with Indian origins, including their spouses and children. Foreigners that have lived continuously in the country for over 20 years are also qualified for the 5-year visa extension. The elite group of technicians and experts coming to India on a bilateral agreement is also given maximum visa extension, including their children and spouses.

To extend your Indian visa, make a cover letter stating the reason why you have to stay or visit longer, while indicating with your current status. An undertaking by the company and a certificate of incorporation are also required. All the documents should be ready at least10 days before the expiration of visa to facilitate processing. Once approved, your stay in the country becomes valid and you simply have to renew again when the expiry date nears.

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