Driving Issues in India

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India is known for its bad road and traffic conditions in the entire world. Though the automobile numbers have grown to a large number, but in spite of this fact the condition of the roads still remains the same. The total automobiles in the country is close to 5.5 crore and this number is rapidly increasing at the rate of 25 lakhs every year. If you consider travelling by roads as one of the option in the metro cities, you are still safe, but the roads outside the main cities have big and deep dump holes everywhere and are just not maintained properly. Driving on such roads is a very tedious and risky task.

Also not to forget the fact that the main roads are also very narrow and they do not have the facility of over passing for the other intersecting roads. The biggest problem apart from the narrow roads is that the local vendors who sell tea, vegetables and some other small stuff etc cover a large portion of the road and thus it results in blocking the sidewalks, so it affects the movement of the traffic to a certain extend.

If you actually go by the facts, which says that the automobiles have grown by 170 times but on the other hand, the road infrastructure has only expanded 9 times and hence one can very well imagine that absolutely negligible amount of work is done on the roads to improve their condition. In India, pedestrians are never given the right of way and so there is no zebra crossing in the small cities of this country. Jay walking on the other hand is a common practice followed by every driver.

Driving in India is very risky, you need to keep your ear and eye open all the time in order to avoid any kind of mis-happening. Traffic jams are very common in India because nobody follows the traffic rules and everyone wants to be ahead of the other person which gives rise to such situations. Traffic management is absolutely null. Traffic police in India is unreliable, there duty is only to impose fine on the people and not to enlighten them with the different important traffic rules. It is very easy to break the driving rules in India and fly away without any punishment. This negligence by the traffic police has given the authority to the Indian drivers to make their own rules and regulations.

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