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One of the biggest fear for any traveler is losing passport, it can put a damper and turn out very expensive and painful experience. In such an unfortunate situation faced by you, this what you need to do:-

 Visit the police station:

Even if you don’t know the local language, there should be someone at the police station who knows English. They will take your statement and it helps to be as honest as possible when you inform how you lost your passport if it was stolen or misplaced. They will give you a copy in the form of a legal document which officially states that your passport is missing.

Call the concerned EMBASSY:

Contact your concerned embassy first and explain your situation in brief. Then ask them what documents you need before visiting there yourself.

Visit your embassy:

The next place to visit after the police station is your country’s embassy. As a Foreign citizen whose passport has been lost, you can find an embassy in the following cities: (Link: http://www.delhichamber.com/Foreign-Embassies-In-India.asp: )

Ask the authorities about the procedure to get a passport. If you have lost your wallet along with your passport, ask someone from home to send a copy of your driver’s license or any other valid identification document via email or fax. There should be a replacement fee that you need to furnish. The new passport is valid for 90 days after which you need to get a permanent passport.

Although you have got a replacement passport now, make sure you don’t lose it the next time as getting temporary passports many times will send a red flag to the authorities. Losing passport can give you a torrid time, protect it with your life!

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