Why Indians don’t reach in time ever?

Indians are always blamed for not being punctual, this also affects their reputation on the clients of other countries. Punctuality issues in India have always been a major concern, but still the majority of the population continues to follow their habit of not being punctual. For example in every field we have punctuality issues like for example be it the Indian railways, bus services or the other development projects as such.

IST, Indian standard time is also very popularly known by another name which is Indian stretchable time by a huge number of populations across the world. This actually holds true especially with the public sectors or the Indian government departments. Your work will never be done in time, it will keep delaying and a very simple work might also take years to get completed. Punctuality in India has been the biggest concern in every field. Private sector, on the other hand in India is certainly better, you can expect quick response to all your queries and your work will also be completed in time.

Also over the years it has been observed that Indians always have a casual attitude towards punctuality. They do not like to be ruled by the clock. Indians definitely have good regards for the people who are punctual in their work, but they never try to adapt this habit themselves. I am not saying that nobody in India is punctual, we certainly have people who are punctual and disciplined, but majority of people still continue with the habit of coming late for meetings in order to show their importance, this is the general attitude in India. Like for example, if you are going for an event and you are expecting a VIP, then you should be well prepared in advance to wait for a long duration before the VIP arrives.

It’s high time, people in India should value time. Time management is the key to success. Indian’s should now become active and leave their habit of not being punctual, which has been continuing for several years. Missing deadlines, appointments and the habit of laziness will not take you even close to success. You should value your time, each and every second is precious.

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