Reasons for Water Scarcity in India

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Drinking Water Problem in India is mainly because of the increasing population, rapid industrialization, and poor water management. Though the Indian government is trying hard to deal with water scarcity issue in India the problem is still huge.
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India has always faced the problem of water scarcity. In spite of the fact, that you get to see enough of rainfall but since a majority of portions of this huge country still suffers from the problem of drought and dry conditions. The rapid increase in the population that is from 361 million in the year 1951 to 1.21 billion in 2011 has to lead to the increased consumption, the government is trying to handle this situation with maturity so that there is no more scarcity of it. But if you are in India, you will definitely face issues related to fresh drinking water and you will not find many sources from where you can get it.

The problem of water scarcity in India is observed in both the rural and urban areas. In some of the rural areas, the residents face a real tough time as they have to walk around 5 to 10 kilometers in order to get fresh water for drinking. In spite of all the effective steps taken by the government to improve the quality of water, it is still seen that majority of the water resources are still contaminated with the bio and chemical pollutants, so when in India, you need to be extra cautious about the drinking water, because around half the diseases in this country are caused because of polluted and unhygienic water.

The main reasons why India faces the problem of water scarcity is because of the increased industrialization and construction activities, the changing climatic conditions and also that the water is not very effectively managed, the rivers are drying and the canals are getting polluted.

In Chennai, the residents have taken an effective step of harvesting the rainwater, which has actually made a considerable difference. People should respect such great thoughts and these steps should be taken in each and every part of the country. In India, since the cities are continuously expanding and so water usage is also increasing at a rapid pace, hence it is very essential that this problem is addressed before it even gets worse.

In India, the water availability per capita is declining, whereas on the other hand, the demand for water is rising continuously. Each one of us should make our life easy and try to save every drop of water.

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