Traffic hazards in India

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Due to the increased number of vehicles on the roads, the traffic hazards in India have grown considerably. If you are driving in Delhi, you ought to be careful from the overgrown grasses, shrubs, and trees which occupy more than half of the pavement, road signs, it gets difficult to see the pedestrians and animals crossing the road, you need to be careful in order to avoid any kind of accident.

While driving on the roads of India, you will come across the dug up roads which leads to many accidents. So basically in India the road trip is certainly not a smooth ride, it is a kind of roller coaster ride, because you actually drive through the dug up roads. This situation even gets worse during the rainy season. While travelling in India, you will observe that there are no timely repairs and no investment is done, in order to improve the conditions of the road.

Mostly the drivers in India are unskilled and untrained, some even drive vehicles after consuming alcohol, and this is one important reason of the frequent accidents in India. Also there are no rest areas for long distances, so the driver tends to drive continuously, he gets tired, fatigued, starts driving carelessly and this also sometimes lead to accidents.

People in India, do not use safety belts in the cars, use of helmets for two wheelers is also not a compulsion, so all these issues can actually get very severe. It is very important to wear the seat belts and helmets while driving, because in worst circumstance if you meet with an accident, your chances of survival are still there.

You get to see stray animals on the roads which acts as a hazard and if by chance, you run into them it may lead to a major accident because such things affects the concentration of the driver. People do not follow the traffic signals, pedestrians cross the roads at their own will, there are no traffic signals for them. Use of cell phones while driving is also a major hazard and hence if you want to take a call, you should always come to a standby, attend the call and then only proceed further.

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