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8 Safety Tips For Expat Women If you are a woman working in India, you would have been warned by your friends or relatives for safety before you arrived in the country to be ‘careful’. Like any large city, India holds a bad perception as an unsafe location and the recent cases have drawn attention...
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About women’s condition in India after 9 pm – View of French Lady Living in India What did you know about India before coming? I have known very little about India, though I did my part of research about the country before shifting. I have friends, who had visited this country two years ago. They told me about...
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About Ailsa Johns – A British Women Living in India Ailsa is a 26 years British girl born and brought up in London. She is living in New Delhi, India and working in a private company. She has shared her living experience in New Delhi, India in terms of challenges of everyday life: Culture, Work...
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About Miriam Hofheinz – A German Expat Living in India I am working in (e-) Publishing since 20 years in Germany. Last year I visited a German friend in Pune and fell in love with city/the people. We always wanted to work together and so we decided to start a company together here in India...
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Jenny, U.S. Expat living in India has shared her experience.
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Peggy is a German Expat living in India. She works at German Embassy.
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Of the many stereotypes that exist about India and its culture, there is no mention of the rampant racism practised in the country. There is a great obsession with the skin colour among Indians and other natives of South-East Asia,
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My brush with the Foreigner Regional Registration Office (FRRO) Well, Austria is the country where I was born and where all my favourite things, are, like the hills are alive to the sound of music and crisp apple strudel,
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Elisa Contrucci, a Brazilian Expat living in India shared her experience. Here’s the interview with Elisa…
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Originally from Spain, Ana is a Spanish Expat living in India from last few years. She loves travelling,
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