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The festival of colors is none other than Holi – celebrated all across India with much zeal and enthusiasm. Living in India during the season of Holi can be fun and exciting. This Indian festival is celebrated in spring of each year while thousands of tourists from all around the world come to join the Holi celebrations.

Staying in India as an expatriate will introduce you to many festivals amongst which Holi outshines in more than one aspect. Firstly, it is a wild festival that has very few norms and etiquettes to be followed. Secondly, it has been traditionally been celebrated as a festival of love, friendship and joy making it all the more easy for a non-local to blend in. Here we will discuss a few tips and tricks that can help you enjoy Holi in its true spirit while living in India.

Tips for Holi

• You do not need an invitation to enjoy the celebrations of Holi. You can join in by coloring your neighbors, friends or colleagues in Holi. However, care to be a part of a celebration of a known group of people or one within your closest vicinity.
• Go prepared by oiling your hair, painting your nails and using as much water proof moisturizer on your skin. Do not be afraid to color or be colored. Majority of the colors used are natural.
• Go badly dressed as it will simply not matter. Your clothes will be full of colors within minutes of reaching a Holi celebration. Wearing something that covers legs and arms should be the way to go as it will protect your skin’s direct contact with color.
• Keep a suitable eye protection that helps keep eyes safe from colorful water and colors. Remember that in Holi there are no bounds. Expect people to throw rotten eggs or even a bucket full of colored water on you. The best way to enjoy it is to color back!
• Join the dances and holi celebrations within your residential vicinity. Avoid going to areas unknown as there are all sorts of rowdy people and one can get overwhelmed.
• Avoid attending Holi if you are allergic to colors and stuff. It would be rude to ask someone NOT to pour water on your or apply color on your face. Simply don’t attend a Holi celebration in case of an overtly sensitive skin.
• Alcohol is leisurely used during Holi celebrations. Care should be taken by not going overboard on both alcohol and the festivity.
• Use a good cleansing milk to rinse away colors from your body.

Celebrating Holi for the first time can be a little bit awkward as unlike other religious celebrations, Holi is neither uptight nor conservative. As a rule of thumb, observe what locals do and follow while maintaining limits.

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