Bribes – Stop supporting this practice

According to the surveys conducted over the few years, it has been seen that bribery in India starts from the grass root level. You will see corruption in every field be it education, government work, employment opportunities, entrance exams etc. People also pay bribe so that their work is completed in time, like for example if you have applied for a passport, then for the timely process, you may have to offer bribe to the government officials via touts.

Also it is seen that around 90% of the demand for bribes comes directly from the government officials like for example the police officer, state/ provincial officials, city officials, national level government officials etc. Mostly bribes in India is offered either in the form of cash or anything which is equivalent to cash or it can also be gifts like jewelry items, a very small percentage of bribe is in the form of hospitality and entertainment items. So in India if you want your job to be done, you may set aside some budget for bribing the officials.

Bribery in India basically exists everywhere and that too in several forms. Because of bribery, all the levels of society are adversely affected. Also in situations like, if your stuff is stolen or you are registering your name for getting a loan, in order to make the system run smoothly, you will have to bribe the officials in each department. The bribes are fixed, if it’s an important job, then you will be required to pay a heavy price. Bribery is definitely a big threat for the developing economy of India. As a responsible citizen we all should try hard to minimize this practice, so that it can be abolished completely one day.

People of India tend to follow this practice because they feel that by bribing people, their job will be done without any problem. Also in India, if you want a death or a birth certificate, you should still pay bribe, otherwise getting the certificate will be a long delayed procedure for you. We all should raise voice against corruption, so that our future generation do not face the same circumstances.

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