How to Hire Domestic Help in India?

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Domestic help in India, like most parts of Asia, comes cheap and in abundance. As a foreigner trying to settle in on an Indian ground, you will easily find children, families and adult house helps. Where availability and cost of house help is not an issue, finding a reliable and trustworthy domestic help especially for a foreigner might be a task in itself. Here is what you can do, in order to successfully hire an effective and efficient house help.
Decide on Mode of Hire?
You can hire a domestic help in India through online resources, service allocation agencies or directly through a reference. Whatever mode of hire you decide to use, make sure to gather details on the following vital aspects of domestic help.

1.Gather Particulars:

Name, address and a computerised national identity card is a pre-requisite of hiring a domestic help in India. You can ask for such particulars from the shortlisted help, interview him/her of his respective competencies and decide upon work timings. While child labor continues to be a trend in India, you will find many families that are willing to work all together at a minimum compensation. Look for a small size family and assign work accordingly.

2.Negotiate Salary:

At an average a full time house help gets Rs.5000 to Rs.10000 monthly allowance. This may vary according to the number of tasks assigned and amount of work done. The low end labour class is more than willing to work for a foreigner, as they are expected to treat them well, give food, clothes and “other perks”.

3.Prefer References:

Hiring just anyone for your domestic help would not do you good. It is best to look for personal references, through an Indian friend, colleague or family if you have any in India. Hiring through a personal or professional reference renders more reliable and long-term house help.

Hiring Tip:

Search and hire for domestic help that is familiar with English or “hinglish”. Learn to understand Hinglish in order to better communicate with all types of social classes across India.

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