How to Hire a Driver in India?

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You may be interested in hiring a driver in India for a variety of reasons. Opposite road side driving rules, rash driving, uneven roads and lack of know-how, etc. are the many reasons to hire an expert driver in India.

You could be looking for a

Full Time Driver – the one that stays with you in a servant quarter and delivers 24/7 driving services
Part Time Driver – the one you can hire and fire any time, including taxi and rent a car driver
Many expats who opt for car lease also apply for permanent driver services from the car rental agency. In case your car rental agency is short of drivers or you do not like the services of the one offered, search for your kind of car driver by the following simple steps.

Place an Ad:

This could be done in a Local Newspaper, Facebook or even through a mobile text. However, it is best not to disclose your particulars apart from a contact number, where you can chat and finalise a deal with the driver.

Negotiate Salary:

It is always wise to bargain freely in India. Do not give what is asked immediately. Bargain and specify what is being covered in the salary including gas charges, food charges and rent (in case of an outdoor trip). In case of an ambiguity, ask around the prevalent rate of a full time driver as well as a one day rent a car driver.

Gather Paperwork:

This includes a valid driver’s license and national identification number with a valid home address and name. This part of the hiring will be covered by a rent a car agency or any other service allocation agency shall you decide to take the secondary channel of hiring an expert driver in India.
It is best to find a driver you can converse with, explain and chat at ease. For this the driver has to be literate. Majority of the drivers hired through a reliable third party hiring agency in India, tend to be educated, with a decent level of English understanding.

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