How to Drive on Indian Highways?

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Driving on Indian Highways is very different as compared to the other countries. You need to ensure that before you take the highway, you fill up the petrol tank completely and also check for the tire pressure, because you might not even find a single shop or a petrol station for hundreds of kilometers. Make sure  while driving on the highways, you do not over speed your vehicle, which then gets difficult to control if you have to stop immediately  in case you see the buffaloes or the stray cows crossing the road, this is very common on highways . You need to be extra careful so that you do not land up hitting them and ultimately leading to a major accident.

While driving on the Indian highways, you need to be alert all the time, because most of the highways are still not made into two lane, the same road is thus used for both incoming and ongoing traffic. Also if you plan to overtake a vehicle while driving on the highway, it is always advisable to honk and keep a check on the oncoming traffic. You need to ensure a minimum adequate distance while overtaking. You should never try to overtake from the left hand side of your vehicle.

You also need to be careful about the humps on the highways, you should never overtake until or unless your vision is absolutely clear from the other side. If you plan to drive on the highways during the nighttime, you should be very careful with the trucks because the truck drivers do not generally 90% of the time put their headlight beams down.

Also if you are planning to overtake a vehicle on the highway, you should ensure that you peep out from the car window and then check for the oncoming traffic. You should make it a point to only overtake if you feel there is enough distance and it will not cause any problem to the other vehicles which are sharing the road. If you find that the road ahead of you is clear, it is always good to use the high beam of the car, try and overtake from the right hand side, it is the best and safe way.

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