Why are Visa Extensions for Chinese Nationals referred to the Ministry of Home Affairs?

Employment Visas are issued to Chinese nationals who possess professional skills or qualifications in their field of work and will draw in a salary in excess of $25,000 USD per annum. Employment Visas are not granted for unskilled, secretarial or clerical jobs.

Employment Visas may be granted to Chinese nationals who are entering India for the purpose of employment with a company that is registered in India, or a foreign company that is engaged in projects in India.

Employment Visas may also be granted to individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • Engineers/technicians coming to India to execute installation of equipment, machines or tools
  • Personnel coming to India to provide technical support services
  • Consultants working on a contract with an Indian company
  • Artists who will engage in regular performances for the duration of their employment contract
  • Sportspersons working on a contract with an Indian club or organization
  • Chinese language teachers or interpreters
  • Specialist chefs
  • Self-employed nationals in skilled professions (such as accountancy, engineering, medicine, law) who will provide independent consultation services.

The annual salary minimum of $25,000 USD does not apply to the following professions: ethnic cooks, language teachers (other than English language teachers), translators and staff working for the Embassy or High Commission in India.

Visa extensions may be issued for Chinese nationals, however an application must be made to the Ministry of Home Affairs in Delhi. Processing may take up to 50 days and will only be granted following approval from the concerned authorities in India.

The Ministry of Home Affairs in India deals with all matters related to immigration, visas and citizenship, which is why Chinese nationals are referred to this Division concerning visa extensions.

A number of documents will be required to make the application, including but not limited to, Letter of Appointment from the Indian employer, applicant CV, proof of qualifications, criminal record check and company registration certificate.

Conversion of Business Visa to Employment Visa is not permitted. Chinese nationals who wish to do so must return to their country of residence and make an application to the Indian Embassy/Consulate for Employment Visa and provide all relevant paperwork and documents to support their application.

Employment Visas may be converted to other types of visa only in the case of marriage to an Indian national (‘X’ entry visa) or if the Chinese national requires medical treatment and is rendered unfit to travel (Medical visa). Each application will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

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