Office Etiquette in India

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Most of the people spend maximum time with their colleagues in the office, rather than with their family members. Hence it gets very important that the culture and the etiquettes practised in the office should be good. In India, you generally see people gossiping about their colleagues, some people try and get close to their superiors and some people in the office are dressed in a weird manner.

In India, you also get to see some individuals opening their tiffin’s which contains cutlets or something similar on their desk itself and so thereby spreading the smell of the food item throughout the floor, your colleagues might not appreciate this behaviour but on the other hand, if you munch apple at your desk, it is still ok, people would not mind that much. People in India should be given special classes to show them the right behaviour or etiquettes which are expected from them inside the office premises.

Another point of conflict which is seen in the offices is whether the AC should be switched on or off, because every individual has different preferences for temperature. So we all should show maturity in this situation and rather than fighting with one another, we should talk to each other and sought out the problems and try not to make the office a fish market.

Some people in the office are casually dressed on all the weekdays. In India, mostly people do not have the sense of what to wear in the office. It is thus expected that every employee of an organization should be dressed in a formal manner except on Fridays when you can be dressed in your casual. But this rule is different in every organization. On the very first day of your work, you should know all the rules and regulations of the organization.

One of the very common office etiquette in India, is that people while sitting on their workstations pick up their cell phones and start with their private discussions in a loud tone for a long duration. If you need to pick up a private call, you should make sure that you go to a place or the corridor where you get the privacy to talk and also at the same time you do not disturb others who are busy working. If you plan to work in India, be ready to face a new office environment altogether. Things might look different to you, but you will certainly enjoy working in India and facing the new and challenging things every day. Life will turn out to be very exciting for you.

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