Traffic Rules in India: What you need to know

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Traffic Rules in India were implemented in the year 1889. The main purpose behind the traffic rules is to ensure safety and efficiency. It is very important that every person who drives should have a very good understanding of all the traffic rules and regulations. The Indian government is striving extremely hard to ensure the smooth running of the traffic on the roads, taking measurable steps to control the pollution, keeping a track of all registered vehicles etc. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of each and every citizen of India to cooperate with the government and help them in achieving their goal.

Traffic in India, has grown rapidly over the past few years due to the increase in population and the urban mobilization, these two factors have ultimately resulted in the enormous increase of traffic and that too in very high volumes, so the risk of accidents have also increased considerably, thus the need to follow the rules and regulations is very important to ensure safety and to minimize the risk of accidents on roads.
Traffic rules are made to be religiously followed by every individual who is driving a vehicle. If we start following the rules, we can control the chaos and confusion on the roads, certainly too some extent. The traffic rules in India, are made in the interest of their citizen’s safety .Your life is not only important to you, but also to your country.

Since these days in India, you get to see lot of changes that are taking place, like for example the construction of the flyovers, bridges etc and all this is only done to ensure that the traffic moves in a disciplined and efficient manner. All these things can only be a success if each one of us, as a responsible citizen follow our duties and obey all the traffic rules, start following the road signs, traffic signals etc, that are implemented by the traffic police. Therefore, following the traffic rules is certainly a responsible attitude towards your own safety and hence it will make a big difference. Driving on the roads will be much easy and safe.

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