How to Study – Study Guide for SAT

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How to Study – Study Guide for SAT

High school students consider varied “how to study – study guide for SAT” options in the middle or end of their school days. In United States and many developed countries, you will be required to pass the SAT as the standardized test for college entry. According to latest statistics the number of people appearing for SAT is increasing while the average score per person is decreasing. The number one reason for such a decline is wrong approach to study and take SAT.

SAT is basically a general mental ability tester that can be passed easily if studied with a study plan in mind. Here is how you can approach your SAT test.

Understand “how to study – study guide subsections”:

SAT is divided into three sections namely mathematics, critical reading and writing. As a student it is vital for you to understand your strong and weak academic abilities. A pre-SAT analysis can be done by looking at your school exams and similar online training courses can be taken to improve areas of concern. For example, if you think that your mathematical skills are not that high; consider taking a couple of short online SAT courses that will familiarize you with the layout and type of questions asked in SAT. The layout and scoring scheme is uniform for each section with a total score of 2400 points.

Improvise “how to study – study guide subsections”:

From memorizing SAT math equations to utilizing the test time in the best possible way, you can improvise you SAT score by concentrating on each section one at a time. Like other mental ability tests, SAT is a highly repetitive test which makes its preparation all the easier. However, it will test your college readiness on different scores. So, improve by asking yourself

• How strong is your English vocabulary?
• How much time can you allot to one section?
• How much guess-work can you do during the exam?
• Do you put in 100% concentration while reading SAT critical reading section?
• Do you get carried away while writing critical writing analysis?

Remember that time is of the essence here. The more you can learn how to manage time in-between the three sections the more you will be able to score. Never leave a question, fill in the blank or multiple choice question unattended. If you do not know the answer, simply make a guess. Better to take a chance than to fail.

Go Prepared:

On the day of SAT test, go prepared. Do not oversleep, set your alarm and pack yourself the following things:

• SAT photo identification
• SAT test accessories like a pencil, eraser, scientific calculator, a watch and SAT admission ticket.

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