Tips for hiring a taxi in India

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In India, when you are hiring a taxi you need to very careful because the travel companies generally temper their odometers which leads to the increase in price between 7% to 20%. So the taxi’s in India is an expensive option for commuting, the taxi’s are not even properly maintained and the drivers are not well trained as a matter of fact.

If you are travelling to Delhi, you have two options for hiring a cab, first one is from the local taxi operators and the other is the Radio cabs. If you decide to hire a taxi from the local operators, this is somewhat a cheap option, but again this is not a reliable option as such. If you are travelling a distance of approximately 80kms in a day, then you should be expecting a bill of around 700 to 900 rupees/15 to 17 dollars.

If you go with the second option of radio cabs, then their charges is on the per km basis and if by chance you get stuck in your work , the cab is waiting for you, for more than 15 minutes, then a fixed amount of money will be charged for the waiting time. This option is reliable and safe, the drivers are well trained, and they will generally take a shorter and the best route. All these taxis are traced by the GPS, so their fare is also fixed, you can be rest assured that you are paying the right price, but you will have to book the taxi at least 1 or 2 hours in advance.

Some of the important radio cab numbers are

Quick cabs- +91-11-45333333

Easy cabs-+91-11-43434343

Mega cabs -+91-11-41414141

Meru Cabs-+91-11-44224422

In India, finding a cab is not a problem apart from the radio cabs, the metered cab’s are parked on the streets only and no prior booking is required, you can also find taxi’s at the taxi stands. There are certain car rental places, which will send the taxis to your place once you give them a call. But if you want a taxi either at the airport or railway station, then in order to get the best deal, you should look for pre-paid taxi booths, where you are actually supposed to pay a stipulated amount before you board the taxi. In this case you do not pay the taxi driver directly. Be sure to take a reliable taxi and pay right price for the fare.

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