Tenant Verification Form – Diary Entry – Mandatory Document for Visa Registration and Extension

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As we are all aware that as part of the Registration and Extension of Employment Visa, a Tenant Verification Form (TVF) is requested by the FRRO. The TVF is a process in which the owner of the property who has rented his house or apartment to an expat needs to take the details of his tenant to the area police station and have the document verified by the police department. What the police department does is, it verifies the details provided by the property owner and the tenant, stamps and issues a document as produced below.

TVF without Dairy Entry

There has been an additional requirement starting from 12th of September that is applicable only in New Delhi. The FRRO is insisting that a general diary number is mentioned by the concerned police station on the TVF. The general diary entry is that the respective police station has made a physical entry on their files and issued a record number as given below:

TVF with Dairy Entry
This has now become a mandatory document and the FRRO are turning back visa extension cases which do not have a general dairy number. The responsibility for attaining this dairy entry belongs to the landlord to obtain.

Please ensure that you have the TVF endorsed by the diary entry before going to the FRRO.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any change in the procedure. The information get updated time to time.

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