Why and how to avoid touts in India?

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If you are travelling to India for the very first time, you need to be careful from touts. In India, you will find touts everywhere, in fact if Toutssomeone is trying to be very friendly and helpful, then in most of the situations you should assume that the person is a tout and you should immediately find ways to avoid him.

You may find touts in India as tour guides, as vendors selling fake souvenirs or outside of some government offices like FRRO etc. The moment you step out of the airport or railway stations in India, you might see lot of people following you and offering you cheap taxi services, cheap hotels, some will make you believe that they are actually offering you a special deal because you are special and their first customer for the day, don’t fall for it or you will land up spending lot of money unnecessarily, instead you should contact the hotel you are staying at to recommend a local guide in case you require one.

You should simply refuse any kind of offer from touts by saying not now, some other time. Try not talking to them too much, if you start talking, they will engage you and will try to convince you to take their services.  The best way is to be quiet, don’t utter a word unless it becomes necessary.

Use your common sense and keep your cool. Don’t lose your temper while talking to them. Do not take any advice from the taxi or the auto drivers. If this is your fist time in India, do not admit this to any stranger. Always ensure that you carry your passport and cash at a very safe place. You should not blindly trust anyone. Stay at a safe place and keep your belongings carefully in order to enjoy your stay in India.

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