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Employment Visas are issued to Chinese nationals who possess professional skills or qualifications in their field of work and will draw in a salary in excess of $25,000 USD per annum. Employment Visas are not granted for unskilled,
According to the surveys conducted over the few years, it has been seen that bribery in India starts from the grass root level. You will see corruption in every field be it education, government work, employment opportunities,
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Living in India will subject you to all kinds of police officers; the honest, the greedy and the notoriously incompetent. However, let this not intimidate you. If need be, approaching and contacting a police officer can be done through dialing 100 from your mobile or house number. Major crimes must be reported to the nearest...
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If you are travelling to India for the very first time, you need to be careful from touts. In India, you will find touts everywhere, in fact if someone is trying to be very friendly and helpful, then in most of the situations you should assume that the person is a tout and you should...
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