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We receive a lot of calls from business travellers, expats living in India and even tourist and they constantly ask me what are the consequences of overstaying their visa, they are looking for answers to resolve a overstay and their fears are if there is a Fine? A Penalty? Jail Term?
Employment Visas are issued to Chinese nationals who possess professional skills or qualifications in their field of work and will draw in a salary in excess of $25,000 USD per annum. Employment Visas are not granted for unskilled,
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If you are married to a foreigner on a tourist visa and want to live together, then your spouse needs to get a visa to stay in India. Watch this video To find out the steps and documents
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There are a lot of expats that are currently working in India who are deputed from their home country or have a multiple entry business visa, most have a bank account, PAN card and some are even paying taxes in India. There was a circular issued by the MHA (Ministry of Home affairs) in 2010 that...
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Here is another case study written by a person who faced issues changing the tourist visa of his wife to an “X” (Dependent) Visa.
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A very interesting case came our way recently, we had a Chinese gentleman who had come for some work to India on a 3 months business visa, he arrived in New Delhi and then went off to Gujrat to check on some installation work, it just so happened that due to the civil work being...
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