Emergency Medical services in India

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India, known as the world’s most populous democracy has struggled very hard to establish emergency medical services. The journey for them was not easy. Now in today’s time, we can certainly see a good amount of development in this field. Emergency medical services are only available in the big states and cities, you cannot even think of these services in the villages or small towns of India. In the villages, these services are referred as the last referral point.

But the emergency services in India have never been satisfactory, there has always been a lack of emergency specialists in the country. Also in India, it is generally observed as a result of many surveys that around 80% of the victims do not actually get critical interventions in the first hour and as a result of which some of them even lose their lives.

This is the situation in the government hospitals, but when you talk about the private hospitals, you can certainly expect an immediate attention from the doctors, but the private hospitals are very expensive and so a common man cannot afford treatment in these hospitals. Government should take effective measures to improve the emergency services in India and save the precious life of people.

Some of the ambulances are also not fully equipped with the necessary medical equipments and very less percentage of doctors are trained for emergency services. People in India are not even aware of the emergency numbers, these numbers can vary by state and can be 108 or 102 or 100.In India, you cannot expect a quick response from the police, and the police take its own sweet time in reaching out to the individual who is in need of the emergency services.

It is also seen in India, that the emergency rooms are generally overcrowded with people and in some of the circumstances the patients even have to share a bed, if that option does not work out, then stretchers are used. The Emergency services in India, needs to improve big time so that a timely treatment is given to the needy patients.

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