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“To other countries, I may go as a tourist, but to India, I come as a pilgrim,” said Martin Luther King, Jr. Today scores of people from other nations are also coming to India, but this time they are coming not as tourists or pilgrims, but as long-term resident expatriates. As these expats come, they...
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About Miriam Hofheinz – A German Expat Living in India I am working in (e-) Publishing since 20 years in Germany. Last year I visited a German friend in Pune and fell in love with city/the people. We always wanted to work together and so we decided to start a company together here in India...
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Jenny, U.S. Expat living in India has shared her experience.
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We receive a lot of calls from business travellers, expats living in India and even tourist and they constantly ask me what are the consequences of overstaying their visa, they are looking for answers to resolve a overstay and their fears are if there is a Fine? A Penalty? Jail Term?
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Peggy is a German Expat living in India. She works at German Embassy.
Indians are always blamed for not being punctual, this also affects their reputation on the clients of other countries. Punctuality issues in India have always been a major concern, but still the majority of the population continues to follow their habit of
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Muslims constitute the second largest community of India. Working in India and living there as an expatriate would surely show you more than one Eid celebrations. There are basically two types of Eids that Muslims all over the world celebrate. Eid al-Fitr, which comes first in sequence after the holy month of Ramadan followed by...
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Eating an Indian chapatti is an art in itself. The round, oval and in some cases square shaped chapatti is served with majority of Indian curries and gravies. As a non-local you may be interested to learn the basic tips and tricks to eat
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Domestic help in India, like most parts of Asia, comes cheap and in abundance. As a foreigner trying to settle in on an Indian ground, you will easily find children, families and adult house helps. Where availability and cost of house help is
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You may be interested in hiring a driver in India for a variety of reasons. Opposite road side driving rules, rash driving, uneven roads and lack of know-how,
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