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My brush with the Foreigner Regional Registration Office (FRRO) Well, Austria is the country where I was born and where all my favourite things, are, like the hills are alive to the sound of music and crisp apple strudel,
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India is known for its bad road and traffic conditions in the entire world. Though the automobile numbers have grown to a large number, but in spite of this fact the condition of the roads still remains the same. The total automobiles
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Elisa Contrucci, a Brazilian Expat living in India shared her experience. Here’s the interview with Elisa…
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Originally from Spain, Ana is a Spanish Expat living in India from last few years. She loves travelling,
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The festival of colors is none other than Holi – celebrated all across India with much zeal and enthusiasm. Living in India during the season of Holi can be fun and exciting. This Indian festival is celebrated in spring of each year while
According to the surveys conducted over the few years, it has been seen that bribery in India starts from the grass root level. You will see corruption in every field be it education, government work, employment opportunities,
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Syrian Expat Living in India Toleen is a Syrian Expat living in India from last 2 years. After 2 years in India she has seen and experiences quite a lot of the culture of this country. She initially came to work with an Indian Consultancy Company, but after a few disappointments
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Colombian Expat living in India Bibiana Cuellar is 25 year old Columbian expat who has been living in Delhi, India. She came to India 7 months ago as an intern for a NGO that provides education and support for the less fortunate. Her areas of focus are human rights and Social work. Before coming
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French Expat Living in India Flavie is 25 years French Expat who has been living in India. She has done six-month-internship as business developer for an Indian law firm. Basically she has done public relations so she met all kind of people, foreigners and local with different positions.
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The beauty in following cultural etiquettes is that it allows you to understand, intermingle and enjoy its origin. Similar is the case with following eating etiquettes in India – the land of dreams and wonderfully
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