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Domestic help in India, like most parts of Asia, comes cheap and in abundance. As a foreigner trying to settle in on an Indian ground, you will easily find children, families and adult house helps. Where availability and cost of house help is
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You may be interested in hiring a driver in India for a variety of reasons. Opposite road side driving rules, rash driving, uneven roads and lack of know-how,
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Customs, traditions and weather translate into what you would normally wear in India. So, a backless top is alright to wear at a night-club, it would be a big NO for a lunch at an Indian household
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Most of the people spend maximum time with their colleagues in the office, rather than with their family members. Hence it gets very important that the culture and the etiquettes practised in the office should be good. In India, you generally
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This post is intended for everyone who has hired help at home. I have a cook and a maid at home, and a caretaker in the building I live in. They are some of the most sincere people I have met, and it is for this very same reason that I have always loaned them
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Driving on Indian Highways is very different as compared to the other countries. You need to ensure that before you take the highway, you fill up the petrol tank completely and also check for the tire pressure, because
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These days security at all the Airports in India is very strict. You will have to undergo several formalities at the Airport itself. Immigration Check is must for all the passengers, either they are Indians or the Foreigners at the time of arrival and
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Car is the preferred mode of communication by local as well as non-local residents of India. Expensive and poor quality public transport coupled with underdeveloped roads is the major reason why many Indians prefer
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Beggars are found in abundance in India. So, expect to see more than a dozen on a popular Indian road or even outside a luxurious Indian hotel. Given their past experiences and country background, tackling beggars for alms and charities can often become difficult
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India is known for its bad road and traffic conditions in the entire world. Though the automobile numbers have grown to a large number, but in spite of this fact the condition of the roads still remains the same. The total automobiles
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