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The festival of colors is none other than Holi – celebrated all across India with much zeal and enthusiasm. Living in India during the season of Holi can be fun and exciting. This Indian festival is celebrated in spring of each year while
According to the surveys conducted over the few years, it has been seen that bribery in India starts from the grass root level. You will see corruption in every field be it education, government work, employment opportunities,
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The beauty in following cultural etiquettes is that it allows you to understand, intermingle and enjoy its origin. Similar is the case with following eating etiquettes in India – the land of dreams and wonderfully
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Living abroad and not using a credit cards is highly unlikely. As an expat living in India you may use your foreign issued credit card or have your very own new credit card issued in India. Both offer convenience of use in certain situations
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The traffic in Delhi (and all the other places I visited in India) can at best be described as chaotic and challenging to ones senses! It is unruly (it is actually not uncommon that people start reversing on highways because they missed their exit),
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If you are married to a foreigner on a tourist visa and want to live together, then your spouse needs to get a visa to stay in India. Watch this video To find out the steps and documents
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Banking in India for expats has been made easier and accommodative over the last decade. As an expatriate working in India you can operate your foreign managed bank account with any of the locally present International banks. However,
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India is a safe place to stay for a foreigner if some common sense safety measures are taken. Displaying stacks of cash or valuables will get you in trouble just like it would in any part of the world. Care should be taken while dealing with the locals,
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Women’s safety in India and especially New Delhi have received a lot of attention in the media in recent years since the Delhi Bus Gang Rape in 2012. One can easily find uncountable newspaper articles, blogs and other online forums reporting on incidents of sexual molestation all over India.
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We recently assisted a couple to get a dependent visa (X) in India, they got married in India and had challenges as the bride had a Tourist Visa, they were kind enough to write about their incident and it’s reproduced below with their permission (Note: The name has been changed to protect their privacy). “I...
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